Engel Coolers - 5s News - March 23, 2023

Engel Coolers, based in Jupiter, FL, offers a new range of cooler and freezer packs (2.5 or 5 lb.) that are sturdy, nontoxic, super efficient and leak-proof. With their proprietary phase change gel, the cooler packs are designed to keep food and drinks ice cold with no chance of them freezing. The freezer packs, on the other hand, phase at 5 degrees F and are designed to keep food and drinks frozen for hours. Use these packs along with ice, and the life of the ice increases by as much as 50%.

engel cooler ice packs

After each use, return them to your home freezer. They will be ready again in 6-8 hours. They are dishwasher safe, come with a limited lifetime warranty, and are MADE IN THE USA.


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