Hydro Flask - 5s News - March 23, 2023


Hydro Flask is making it possible for consumers to recycle certain used Hydro Flask products, with the goal of helping to eliminate waste and contribute to a more circular economy.

This Trade-In program offered by Hydro Flask is the first of its kind in the insulated water bottle category, where customers in the U.S. can return old, unwanted and non-functioning Hydro Flask bottles, tumblers, and stainless steel products in exchange for redeemable store credit to be used exclusively at www.HydroFlask.com.

Hydro Flask has been participating in the circular economy through recycling used or damaged returned products, and since 2017 has recycled over 100,000 pounds of stainless steel and polypropylene behind closed doors. With the announcement of the Trade-In program, Hydro Flask is inviting customers to recycle alongside the brand and further eliminate waste.

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