ICEMULE - 5s News - March 30, 2023

ICEMULE designed and invented, from the ground up, their adventure cooler to carry bottles, cans, ice, anything that needs to stay cold. But it’s not just a soft cooler, it’s a high-end backpack that performs like a first-class ice chest. The goal of this combination of features was to make ICEMULE the most portable premium cooler ever made. According to ICEMULE, once people begin using their cooler, they realize they can use it in ways they never imagined, from hiking to concerts to picnics to carrying lunch and all kinds of kid’s necessities. Over 60% of ICEMULE owners report using their cooler every week.

Icemule medium cooler

Since 2017 ICEMULE has donated hundreds of coolers to support the efforts of All Hands and Hearts, a charitable organization that provides volunteer-driven immediate and long term disaster relief after hurricanes. ICEMULE gives over 1,000 coolers every year to support charities.

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