Ombraz - 5s News - July 13, 2023

Ombraz has taken eyewear to a whole new level. When the co-founder of the company was on safari in India, his glasses broke. So, in his words, he Macgyvered them by tying twine to both hinges and wrapping the twine around the back of his head. He was truly surprised by how well his hack worked.

 Ombraz sunglasses being picked up from the dashboard of a car

They didn’t slip down his nose, they stayed secured, and were much more comfy without the sidearms. Over the next 5 years, so many people asked him about the unique design that he launched Ombraz. Such a genius concept and kind of crazy no one has thought to do it before. You’ll love the minimal design, lens options, and of course, the comfortable fit.

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