SOLI Air Canopy - 5s News - July 27, 2023

The SOLI Air Canopy is ultra-light (weighs only 17 lbs!), portable, and durable, ready to go wherever you go!

 people hanging out in a Soli air canopy at the beach

Each canopy includes 8 ground stakes and 4 tether ropes for extra stability, an oversized backpack for easy portability, a rechargeable air pump, and one zippable Shade Wall for added protection and privacy. This canopy can easily be set up and taken down by one person and inflates in just two minutes! The SOLI Air Canopy blocks 98% of the sun's rays (UVA and UVB), while also being water resistant. The measurements are 10ft wide x 10ft long x 8ft wide.

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