Turtle Tracks - 5s News - April 13, 2023

Turtle Tracks started with a book and plush toy as a fun way to educate children (and adults) about turtles and the importance of caring for the ocean and the environment in general. Beautifully illustrated and with well-researched facts, the book was so popular its author, Sue Trew, went on to write several more animal books all with an environmentally focused message.

Loggerhead Life book cover and toy

Her newest collection, Loggerhead Life, tells the story of Luna, a loggerhead that mistakenly swallows a balloon. Readers will be fascinated by her visit to the turtle hospital and release back into the wild. They will also love meeting Gulp, Luna’s caring pelican friend.

According to the website, all of the toys are safe and ethically manufactured, and the books are printed in the USA with an eco-friendly protective coating.

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