Vapor Apparel - 5s News - March 30, 2023

Vapor Apparel is the maker of UPF50+ sun protection apparel also available in sustainable, recycled performance polyester.

Preparing for a hot day in the sun should start with a sun protection plan. Vapor Apparel offers an array of UPF50+ sun protection apparel to help make that day on the beach, in the boat or by the pool a little more comfortable. Vapor Apparel also has available t-shirts and hoodies made from recycled polyester they call Eco Sol.

But not only does Vapor Apparel offer their own brand, they also have a wholesale program where brands and shops can purchase blanks for customization. Vapor Apparel uses a proprietary process in their manufacturing, resulting in fabrics that are certified for digital sublimation printing and print-on-demand services.

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